Dominic Greene

is an Australian web developer, graphic designer and artist.

Greene primarily uses digital mediums to create various works for business and non-commercial purposes, with a large focus on utilising open source software.

This website includes projects, guides, and information on the professional services offered.

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Creating IT, graphic design and digital marketing solutions for individuals, artists, bands, businesses and organisations. These services are used to fund artwork and community projects, along with keeping the artist(s) alive and kicking.

Website Development

Developing and designing high quality websites at affordable rates. Designed to suit your goal, whether for your business, organisation, art, blog or personal use.

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Graphic Design

Professional graphic design services to create a powerful image and message for you, your business, group or organisation.

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Appear higher in search results, attract more viewers to your website, increase traffic, plus reach new audiences and customers.

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A selection of client’s projects based on website development, marketing and graphic design.

The Piercing Urge Melbourne website upgrade, design, development and marketing.

The Piercing Urge

Business website design

Preview and design of the Australian ConFest festival website.


Festival website development

Tribe One Heartbeat event website demonstration.

Tribe One Heartbeat

Event website development

Saint Vladimir music album artwork.

Saint Vladimir

Music artist branding and album artwork

Clive Bullen Artist Craftsman, website preview.

Clive Bullen

Artist craftman’s website

96.7FM 2GHR Greater Hume Radio logo designed by Dominic Greene.

96.7fm 2GHR

Logo Design

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Various opinion pieces, articles, resources and posts.

Take a look at recent community, musical and visual art projects. There’s some free music downloads posted occasionally in a variety of audio file formats, including MP3 and FLAC. Additionally, tech/computing tips are posted from time to time which may be of use to you or a technophobic relative.

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