Fund the Artist

Provide a financial contribution to the Australian artist, Dominic Greene.

The artworks focus on political, social and economic issues faced in the world today. Whilst some of the artworks may include portrayals of individuals, organisations, and locations that may exist in the real world, there is no connection in reality between any such persons, organisations or locations and the ones contained in these artworks and any act or condition attributed to any such individual, organisations, shows or location is not made as a true fact, but part of the satirical artwork and viewers must not assume that any part of this story has any real or factual basis or that there is any association between the artist and the subjects of these works.

Further, any funds contributed/donated to the artist, will be used by the artist for the following purposes:

Web hosting, digital resources, materials for art projects and the general survival / living expenses of the artist.

Contribution amounts are in Australian dollars (AUD). 1 dollar is the minimum contribution possible.

PayPal is used for the secure processing of payments. This allows you to pay via your PayPal account or by card including Visa, Mastercard and Amex.